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West End Telecoms is a fast forward thinking company offering cost-effective and best quality PBX,
UK numbers, International premium rate numbers, premium services and all number solutions.

The foundation of our success is our vision to be client-oriented company bringing our
experience and knowledge to help your business succeed.


  • We understand your business needs.
    That claim is based on our experience and professional skills from across
    the Telecommunications spectrum of Numbers, PBX and Premium Services.
  • We Love What We Do
    Selecting West End Telecoms is a great move towards building you UK or
    International business. We bring enthusiasm and commitment to our work
    along with 100s of countries terminations.
  • Connections
    We are interconnected with 100’s of suppliers and services providers all
    over the world and constantly looking for and creating new ones.


  • PBX Solutions
    We offer fully converged voice, available premium numbers and data
    solutions for SME to medium and corporate companies.
  • Numbers
    We can provide you with UK and International numbers of your choice
    to give your company the representation and premium services it requires.
  • SMS
    We can provide you with the perfect back end solutions to manage
    your companies premium SMS requirements.