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PBX solutions for your office

Our PBX Business Phone Solutions will Save You Money & Offer a Future-Proofed, Scalable Solution for Your Business.

PBX solutions from westend telecoms

West End Telecoms use state-of-the-art technology to provide solutions to your PBX needs. We believe that smart businesses deserve smart communications, and our technology will help your business be flexible and cost-effective.

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    Fast Installation

    A PBX that will bring immediate financial benefits

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    A bespoke system with unique features that will allow it to grow with your business

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    Intelligent Communication

    Discover unique features and benefits you never even knew you needed.

Apex Office is an outstanding, end-to-end, cloud-based PBX. It gives you the power and flexibility of a bespoke system that is scalable as your business grows.

The advantages of cloud-based telephony

  • First Class PBX Technology

    Voice calls are converted to digital data and transmitted over the internet before being converted back into high-quality voice calls.

  • Versatile & Portable

    Apex Office works with any SIP-compatible device. Apex Talk runs on a number of platforms including Android and iOS so you can take your phone system with you wherever you go.

  • Intuitive Functionality

    Apex Office delivers technologically advanced communication features, out-of-the box; these include IVR Menus, multi-conference call recording and call monitoring.

  • Great Savings

    We’ll save you time and money on technical support for your PBX, and we’ll save you money on the cost of calls. Of course, every case is difference but we know we can deliver a range of services that are perfect for your business.

  • High-tech Security

    Apex Business Solutions are all designed with built-in security to satisfy the most demanding environments.

  • A PBX you can Rely on

    Apex Business Solutions are hosted across multiple state-of-the-art data centres providing unrivalled availability.

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Reduce your costs with pbx solutions

We can provide a PBX that will save your pennies. You’ll save on line rental and call costs. International calls can be the same price as UK calls and calls between your own locations are FREE, wherever they are in the world.

There’s no need for proprietary hardware, dedicated wiring or additional infrastructure back at the office because connectivity is via your computer network. This makes it easier to install and manage, reducing labour costs.

If your current PBX system is obsolete and taking up too many IT resources, then APEX office is for you – a solution that’s adaptable to your needs and working practices

PBX Solutions: frequently asked questions

Our installations generally take place in parallel with existing telephone systems to ensure a seamless transition and zero impact on your day-to-day business. We can normally get your PBX up and running within a few days.
You keep them. We will port them to the VoIP network smoothly and seamlessly so you and your customers will notice no loss of service.
You can enjoy all the functionality of Apex Office from the convenience of your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Our Apex Talk app, available for iOS or Android devices, allows you to log in to your PBX and access all it’s features from wherever you are. This is not an add-on and there’s no additional cost.
Apex Office is perfect for organisations with anything from one to thousands of phone lines but, what if you find you need high levels of inbound or outbound traffic? Apex Contact perfectly complements Apex Office delivering unparalleled functionality and control over all your call centre traffic, local and remote agents, call queueing and real-time, skills-based routing to maximise every call.Apex Contact also gives your supervisors real-time access to MIS, detailing abandoned calls, individual or group agents and queues over which they have full operational control.For organisations managing multi occupancy locations, Apex Multi offers all the functionality of Office as a plug-and-play business telephony solution for small businesses.