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West End Telecoms is a leading voice supplier of premium numbers, with both international and domestic services. Our international premium rate numbers cover more than 190+ countries, with market leading rates and payments terms.

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What are international premium numbers?

International premium numbers or international premium rate numbers, otherwise known as international PRNs, are internationally available telephone based premium services. This means that callers to your international premium numbers are charged a higher rate, enabling you to gain funds from each call you recieve.

These premium numbers are great to help fund your business or gain extra income for the services you offer. Businesses such as helplines for IT or technology and adult chat lines commonly use premium numbers. International premium numbers will make the services you offer through your premium number available worldwide.

What is interactive voice response?

All of our premium numbers services include interactive voice response, or IVR, is a technology solution that allows an automated telephony system to interact with a caller. The telephony computer system communicates with your callers through voice and dual-tone multi-frequency signalling, otherwise known as DTMF.

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Which countries do our international premium numbers cover?

Our international premium numbers services cover more than 220 countries, including South Africa, Brazil, USA, Canada, Nigeria, UAE, Algeria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, India, Philippines, Malaysia and Russia.

Contact us today to find out about the other countries we cover and find a premium numbers service that works for you and your business.

  • A premium service for international premium numbers

    If you provide premium rate services such as games on TV, radio games, gambling, TV shows or adult content, West End Telecoms can provide premium numbers and ready made phone number services. Our top-quality, value, services include Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution that can be tailored to your business needs.

    At West End Telecoms, our clients for UK and International premium numbers and services are at the centre of everything we do. We provide user friendly number tools as well as a unique statistics platform for all of our business premium rate services solutions. Our customers can have their own accounts, and sub accounts for each of their own clients.

    We have some of the most competitive rates for premium rate numbers in the industry, across our UK and international numbers. We build solid relationships with suppliers and clients, and are known for our punctual payments. Our payment cycles are daily, weekly or monthly, depending on our client’s premium needs and the terminations.

  • How do we set-up your international premium numbers?

    If you contact our representatives directly they will set up an account and give you the opportunity to use your own IVR to terminate on our platform or we can forward to a number or IP of your choice.

  • How can we offer such great rates?

    As experts in the telecommunications industry we have built strong relationships with top suppliers. This allows us to negotiate the best rates available from the most trusted and reliable suppliers around the world.

    We are also continually searching the globe to find the best people to work with, interconnecting with them and securing fantastic rates for our customers.

    By working directly with suppliers, and never reselling from a third party, we can ensure all of our rates are guaranteed to be the best in the market. Based on volumes, we can always negotiate the best deal for your destination. Please contact us for the most up to date daily changing offers.


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We have built relationships with leading suppliers in the industry, enabling us to negotiate the best rates for our customers. So you don’t have to worry about shopping around.