West End Telecoms is a leading voice supplier of international
and domestic premium rate numbers and services. We offer
UK and international premium rate numbers covering over
220 countries with market leading rates and payment terms.

Premium Numbers- Premium Rate Services

  • If you provide premium rate services such as games on TV, radio games, gambling , TV shows or adult content, West End Telecoms Ltd can provide a ready made number
    services like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution to suit your business needs. Or we can customise your premium rate IVR according to your business’s strategy.
  • At West End Telecoms our UK number and premium rate services clients are of upmost importance, so we provide user friendly number tools and provide a unique stats
    platform for all of our business premium rate services solutions. Every customer can take advantage of creating sub accounts for their clients.
  • Our UK and International number rates are the most competitive in the industry. We focus on building solid relationships with suppliers and clients and always pay on time
    or early. Our payment cycles are DAILY, WEEKLY, or MONTHLY, dependant on our clients’ premium needs and the terminations.