How your business can benefit from Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS services play an important role in advertising and marketing.

But do you know enough about bulk SMS to fully harness its potential?


Don’t worry, we’re here to provide you with complete information about this service.

Bulk SMS is a term that is used to describe messages sent from a business to a large list of mobile numbers. It is an effective technology that attracts clients and raises your customers’ loyalty. These messages are usually sent by API. Now it has become one of the most popular mobile marketing techniques.

Using Bulk SMS:

Bulk SMS is used for promotional campaigns and marketing, but most of businesses also use SMS bulking for their business operation communication like finance, banking, health care, and customer service. These are used for reminders, alerts, for information and communication between your customers and staff.

How to use the service of Bulk SMS:

To use Bulk SMS for your campaigns, a company is needed that offers top telecommunications services, who have the knowledge and capabilities to help you set up your campaign. Once you have decided on your messaging and the payment terms and conditions you’re ready to go! We recommend setting up a couple of tests first and having a discussion with a member of the team to fully understand Bulk SMS and how your business can use it to its full potential.

Bulk SMS is effective. Why?

Almost every SMS is read by its subscriber. Modern technology also allows us to include the name of the recipient and the company can also be written in the SMS. Here are just a few reasons why Bulk SMS is so effective and can benefit your business:

  • This is one of the cheapest ways of communication.
  • This service can reduce the expenditures for advertising.
  • Special skills are not required to send the SMS campaign.
  • The campaigns are delivered quickly.
  • This allows increasing the sales and customers’ loyalty.
  • The awareness of the availability of your products will be increased.

Amazing Benefits of Bulk SMS:

Bulk SMS can offer your business many benefits, it is not just a great communication tool but will also allow you to build loyalty, brand awareness and give you an instant way to communicate with your customers. You can use Bulk SMS to inform your customers about up-to-date offers and information, giving you the ability to create repeat sales and devoted customers.

Speed and Flexibility:

We should keep in mind that the adaptability and flexibility are the keys to react to ever-changing market conditions. In Bulk SMS marketing, your campaigns can be delivered to your audience with the help of virtually zero lead time, enabling you to send an update within just in few minutes.

Opening Rates:

Within five minutes, almost 98% of the SMS is opened and read by the customers. When we compare this rate to 20% of emails, it is even better and more impressive. So, if you want to know that your message is seen by the highest percentage of customers in the marketing database, choose SMS every time.

High ROI at low cost:

For most small to medium-sized business, TV advertising, newspapers, and all other forms of advertising are usually cost prohibitive. On the other hand, Bulk SMS marketing has low running and set up costs. Where can you contact 1000 customers in a few seconds at a very low cost? This is an essential marketing tool in any modern SME with high return in investment.


Bulk SMS can be personalised by customers’ previous behavior of buying. These can also be location based so you can adapt messages for different regions of the country. This type of personalisation can be done at a very normal cost using Bulk SMS service.

Broadens the Customer reach:

One of the biggest benefits of Bulk SMS messaging is that it can reach almost anywhere, anyone across the world with minimal effort. This will broaden your customer reach and also benefit your business while communicating with your customers. Thus, it will help you to enhance the sales, increase the market reach and result in an improved experience for your customers.

Start Texting Your Customers:

SMS marketing is a crucial part of every communication strategy where consumers are active on their smartphone, mobiles. Bulk SMS messaging is the ideal way to reach the audience who is interested in your services.

Grab the Customers’ Attention:

As we mentioned above, 98% of customers will read an SMS message within three minutes. You need to be taking advantage of this technique and start benefitting today from high engagement and a modern communication service that nobody else is offering.

One final note, let’s have a look at an example. If you sell pizzas, then you might send a discount code just before lunch. In the SMS campaign, use a discount coupon to engage the customers from the outset. In this way, you will grab the attention of your customer, compelling them to read on. Moreover, they will also learn how to redeem it. Thus it is simple, yet effective. Start using Bulk SMS today and reap the benefits.

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