West End Telecoms can supply you with a professional 08 premium UK number, which means you make money every time someone calls your business.

Non-geographic premium UK numbers like 08 are mostly associated with professional or large companies and may often be referred to as ‘revenue generating premium rate phone numbers’.

Premium UK Numbers Feature


We offer a variety of Premium UK Numbers to suit your business and your budget! Take a look at our offering below, listed from the cheapest premium UK number to the most expensive:

  • 0843
  • 0844
  • 0845
  • 0871/2/3
  • Non-geographic chargeable 09 numbers

0843 numbers are the cheapest premium UK numbers for your customer to call. As 09 premium rate numbers are the most expensive (at up to £2.60 for your customer), you can earn more call revenue with these premium UK numbers.

09 UK premium rate numbers are usually associated with premium services such as TV voting, horoscopes and competitions.

The cost of calling each premium number will vary depending on the caller’s telecoms provider. To understand premium revenue costs contact us now.

  • Important information
    PhonepayPlus regulates and monitors phone-paid premium services for UK numbers and requires you to provide certain information to your customer on the cost of their uk premium call. You can find out more information about UK premium numbers at or simply contact us for more information.


Chargeable 08 UK numbers enable your business to claim call revenue, so you earn money with premium UK numbers when people call you.

Never Miss a Call
Automatic reroute to any device to ensure your business never misses a call.

Live Call Reporting

Live call data can be used intuitively to track the effectiveness of your 08 or 09 premium number services as well as providing any up to the minute statistical information you require on site ie number of calls, length of call etc, all valuable services for premium campaigns.

Marketing & Budgeting
Unique UK premium numbers and services can be used in separate marketing campaigns
to gage which campaigns are more successful than others. UK freephone numbers used
in marketing campaigns also encourages more calls than revenue generating numbers,
making your campaigns more successful.

Appear Larger & More Professional
UK numbers such as 08 and 09 mask any indication of the location of your business
so that you instantly appear to operate on a national scale as opposed to using
an 01 or 02 Geographical phone number.

As you are in charge of your call routing you are easily able to change where the
UK number is pointed via our online portal.

Business Continuity
Calls are routed easily and seamlessly within just a few clicks should disaster occur
on site. The UK number goes wherever you do, whether you move offices or simply
suffer an outage, calls can even be rerouted to mobile devices or home workers.


Choose a premium UK number for your business that encourages callers and is easy to remember. Lots of businesses can benefit from the revenue incurred from 08 UK phone numbers, however expensive 08 UK numbers can often put off callers.

By speaking to West End Telecoms we can offer the best advice on a chargeable number for your business including the preferred premium rates guaranteed to make you money whilst keeping the customer in mind. These days many callers expect to be charged when ringing certain lines or businesses.